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Custom Neon Signs

Looking for custom made neon signs? Or would you like to design your own neon sign online?

Awesome, now at Sola Lights you can custom design your very own Neon Sign online!

With our Custom Neon Sign Builder you can design your Neon Sign in just 5 Minutes. Take the guess work out of ordering personalized neon signs. Use our custom words neon sign builder to turn your idea into a custom neon sign for any occasion. Easily create your own word, phrase or name into a neon sign design.

custom neon signs

You will love your custom neon sign by Sola Lights. Our Custom Neon signs are affordable but built to be Durable, Safe, Waterproof & Energy-Efficient. Our products are very easy to Install and are Impact-resistant.

Custom Made Neon Signs

We can create pretty much anything you can imagine into a Neon sign. We make custom neon signs for any occasion including weddings, events, home, office, bars, bedroom, restaurants, shops and much more. We’ve got you covered.

So don’t worry just tell us your ideas, and we’ll turn any phrase or word into a beautiful custom neon sign.

Order your sign directly on our website

We ship worldwide. Get you sign within weeks. Installation is quick and simple. Plug in & Play!

The Sola Lights Custom Neon Sign builder

…lets you easily design and see your sign idea come to life.

You can even upload a picture of where the sign will be installed, and see how it’ll look! Once done, review your mock-up and get your personalized quote.

Feedback on our Custom Neon Signs

What people are saying!

When I opened my new bar, I needed a custom neon sign that would help draw in more patrons. Sola Lights got me exactly what I was looking for.

Peter Noel

New York US

My nail salon wasn’t as busy as I wanted. I found out people couldn't easily find me. I was referred to Sola Lights to build a custom new sign that would scream glamour from a distance and Sola Lights delivered.

Sarah Peters

Jersey City US

I always dreamed of having a vibrant light display at my wedding. Sola Lights neon signs rental service was the best option for us. Their customer service was very helpful and the process was simple.

Natalie Myers

New York US
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